Nancy Kartoon – Fantastic Face Art & More!

Born, raised and educated in Phoenix, AZ, Nancy Kartoon began her entertainment career as a professional caricature artist after graduating from Maricopa Technical College (1978, graphic arts).  In her final year at Maricopa Tech, her commercial art teacher Paul Reeves began calling her “Nancy Kartoon”, and she’s been using it ever since!

How’s that for 38 years of name branding?

The family garage was renovated into Studio Artworks and Nancy began drawing novelty t-shirt designs for local t-shirt screen printers (SOME LIKE IT HOT and HOWLING COYOTES) and painting custom cartoon backdrops for entertainment agencies and getting hired to draw caricatures for high school proms, bar/bat mitzvahs, kids birthday parties, company picnics, family reunions…. Alpha Graphics, Chili’s Bar & Grill and Sunstate Equipment & Rentals kept Nancy Kartoon busy for fifteen+ years drawing caricatures from photos for Employee of the Month incentive programs.

How cool is that?

For twenty some years, Nancy Kartoon happily drew 2 dimensional face art…

In 2006, while drawing caricatures at Wild Horse Pass Resort, Nancy met a professional balloon twister who said to her “Wow, you’re a real artist, you should become a face painter!”

Face Painter! Those 2 words changed the direction of Nancy Kartoon’s career!

Nancy immersed herself into the world of face painting and body art. She found tons of face painting designs painted by face painters all over the world at www.snazaroo.us (the biggest face painting website on the planet!)

One day she stumbled upon a YouTube video of an artist painting a woman’s face and body into a colorful fantasy tiger.  “Whoa, I want to paint like that!” Nancy exclaimed, and immediately enrolled in a 3 day face painting class with that artist (Mark Reid) and from his training, learned proper face painting brush strokes, color blending techniques and skills on how to transform people into colorful and dramatic works of ART.

Nancy embraced face painting with gusto! She carried her face painting kit, glitter and brushes everywhere and painted anyone willing to sit for a few minutes. With the skills and training she learned from Mark Reid and LOTS of practice, practice, practice, Nancy Kartoon was empowered to become the BEST face painter in Arizona! “Your face is my canvas!” says Nancy Kartoon. Please give me the opportunity to TRANSFORM YOU into walking works of original ART!

What do you want to become?

A rainbow tiger, a Chinese dragon, a blood thirsty monster, a stinky pirate, a pretty princess, a slobbery black and white puppy, a lil’ pink kitty? Face painting & body art isn’t just for Kids! Moms and dads, grandparents and even your Aunt Ethel would love to have their faces and arms painted!

Wouldn’t YOU love to wear a beautiful and colorful painted-on butterfly or mardi gras mask?

Call Nancy Kartoon today! She would love to add a ‘splash of color’ at your upcoming parties, celebrations and corporate events!

Please visit www.nancykartoon.com to see samples of Fantastic Face Art & More featuring: Caricatures, WOW Face Painting, Balloon Twisting and Temporary Tattoos.

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